Resuscitate your marriage

Why do people call 911? More than likely there’s a problem; an emergency and they need help.

Interestingly, you may be experiencing a situation that requires you and your spouse to reach out for help. As a Christian, I want to point you towards God’s promise for your marriage. As a therapist, my role is to help you dig deep and expose what you want to keep covered, help you become comfortable with being vulnerable, and learn to use the tools to change how you relate to one another.

But wouldn’t it be wonderful, though, if couples set aside their shame, guilt, and pride and reached out to the One who could really fix it? Whatever it is you may be going through, God is ready to work it out for you. He has a supernatural way to resuscitate your marriage.

In Amos 9:11, God promises to “Restore your marriage that has fallen to pieces, Repair the holes in it, replace what is broken and fix it up like new. Your marriage will be strong again.”

This is the promise that I keep at the forefront of my mind when I work with couples. It’s God’s promise that He will and can fix what’s broken in their marriage. I just need for you to believe His promise too; even if you don’t trust your spouse trust God.

I look forward to seeing you in Marriage Masterclass on January 2, 2018 to start the journey.