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Do you want a HAPPY Marriage?
Marriage Masterclass ™ is the sacred place to get the marriage support your relationship 
needs so you don’t have to secretly fear you won’t be happy or satisfied in your marriage. 
YourStuff retails for $19.95, but we just bought 3 samples for you!  We just ask that you pay a small shipping / handling to receive it (just $10 anywhere in the world). 
Guess what? I have good news and something we need to pray about.
Here’s what’s on the prayer list:
Marriages fail when spouses become selfish. 

Affairs happen.

Communication problems turn into shutting down or shutting each other out.

Expectations are unmet and desires are unfulfilled.

Spouses aren’t feeling seen and heard.

Hurt and pain is choking the flow of love.
The good news is...
There’s always an answer.
THE ANSWER: Your marriage must be a place that “hosts God’s presence” to resolve all of your problems and pain because...

-A healthy, strong marriage requires selflessness.
-Marriage is a sacred covenant and not a contract.
-Marriage will expose you, stretch you, and mold you into a better human being if you surrender to the Divine process of love.
Have you ever wished your spouse
  • listened to you and cared?
  •  treated you with respect?
  •  knew how to seduce and satisfy you and did it regularly?
  •  would just “let go” of the past?
You don’t have to be silently unhappy in your marriage, your marriage doesn’t have to fail, and your intimacy doesn’t have to fade.

Imagine your marriage reflecting God’s love and image. Imagine your love and intimacy being top priority. Imagine being eager to please one another and knowing how to do it. Imagine being happily married and lacking in nothing.

Marriage Masterclass will help you ::
  • Discover how couples unintentionally sabotage their marriage. 
  •  Cover and protect your marriage so that it will not be destroyed. 
  •  Learn the foundational process of becoming “one flesh” which is more mental and emotional than physical. 
Learn how to:
  • Extend grace to your spouse.
  • Emotionally restore yourself and your marriage.
  • Have stronger intimacy that reflects one flesh.
  • Forgive and trust boldly.
  • Tempt, tease, and please your spouse.
  • Improve communication and become emotionally naked and unashamed with one another.

God intends for your marriage to reflect His image; hence He is the ingredient for perfection. He wants you to pursue your spouse with passion.
Your mission is to NEVER give up until your spouse's cup RUNNETH over with your love and commitment. 
YES! I’m ready to enroll in Marriage Masterclass
YourStuff retails for $19.95, but we just bought 3 samples for you!  We just ask that you pay a small shipping / handling to receive it (just $10 anywhere in the world). 
Marriage Masterclass is right for you if you’re ready to…
  • try things God’s way.
  • be transparent, vulnerable, and honest.
  •  lay your marriage on the altar.
  •  dig deep, do the work, and invest in your marriage.

Marriage Masterclass is not for you if…
  • you’re looking for the easy way out.
  •  you want someone to sugar coat things. I will tell you the truth and sometimes the truth hurts before it heals.
  •  you’re not willing to reach for God's expectations of you.
You will receive:
Live Classes
-Biblically-based marriage content combined with marriage counseling strategies.
-Topics and class schedule posted monthly.

Monthly Resources and Tips to Guide You
-Free downloads

-A Sacred Space to be Open about Your Marriage Needs.

Instant Access to Bonus Material
-Discount on Events + Products
-1:1 Discovery Session with a Therapist
-Featured Guest Speakers
-Intimacy calendar 

Marriage Masterclass is $15 / month but you can try it out FREE for 7 days.
Who is Shaneka McClarty?
Shaneka McClarty, is a licensed clinical therapist with over twelve years of experience. She is a faith addict, mother of three little queens and a wife. 

Shaneka is the author of The Heart of a Woman: Reclaim, Release, and Renew and she has been featured as a relationship expert on media outlets such as AspireTV,, and Single Wives Radio.
Best known for helping people recognize, reclaim, and use their personal power, Shaneka has dedicated her counseling expertise and wisdom to strengthening marriages to reflect God's image. Her programs (an online marriage conference), Wooing as Worship (an interactive marriage seminar) and Marriage Masterclass has educated and empowered hundreds of couples both domestic and international.

Shaneka is very transparent about the ups and downs in her marriage and how God turned rocky situations into a marriage that is solid as a rock.

Her goal is for your marriage to be holy and happy, holy and hot, and holy and rooted in HIM.

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