Three scriptures to rebuild trust

After there has been lies, betrayal, disrespect, or manipulation, couples find themselves struggling with trusting one another.

Years ago, I was faced with that same dilemma. The process I took to rebuild trust may not be the process you take, but I’d like to share three scriptures that helped me.

When I felt insecure, suspicious, or afraid.

God did not give me a fearful spirit, but He gave me a spirit of power, love, and confidence. (2 Timothy 1:7)

When I wondered what my husband was doing or if he was telling me the truth.

God, you would never lie to me. I trust You and Your promise to give me hope for our future. I believe You want more than the best for us. I know for sure you don’t want to see me hurt. (Jeremiah 29:11)

When I had doubt or wanted to accuse him.

God, I’m going to trust You with my whole heart instead of allowing my mind to wander and roam down the road of accusations and doubt. I’m not going to try to figure this out on my own; I’ll listen for your voice. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

Friend, rebuilding trust is a marathon and not a sprint. Forgiveness is about the past and trust is about your future. You have to be consistent with praying, having a positive outlook, and extending grace to your spouse.

Nailing your spouse to the cross for past sins will only sabotage your healing and the rebuilding process. Hold on to God’s promise that He will “rebuild your marriage that has fallen to pieces, repair the holes in it, replace what is broken, and fix it like new. Your marriage will be strong again.” Amos 9:11. 

Are you able to trust God with your marriage even though you struggle with trust?